Alice in the Country of Hearts?

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Question by : Alice in the Country of Hearts?
There are other books to this. Like, Alice in the Country of Clover, etc. What I’m wondering is in what order do all the series go in. I have not yet finished Alice in the Country of Hearts. Is it still going? And whether it is or not, what are the other Alice series? Are they like side stories or something like that? Basically, I just want information about them and the general Alice in the Country of Hearts manga. Please help because I would like to start reading them all soon. Thank you very much. It is greatly appreciated.

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Answer by Aγαmє Nαkαshimα
Well, I wouldn’t say that there is a certain order.
However, Clover no Kuni no Alice and Heart no Kuni no Alice – My Fanatic Rabbit should be read once you get settled into Heart no Kuni no Alice.
Heart no Kuni no Alice is already completed. There’s like 35 chapters I think.

I don’t know much, but if you want to know more, you’ll need to read more…

Good luck!
And I’m sorry I couldn’t have been a better help! (-/\-)

Question by JellyCat: Desperate housewives question about Orson? (spoilers)?
I have been watching it faithfully lately and only up to begining season 3. I also watched the new episodes this past week. I’m rather curious about Orson and his ex-wife that was possibly killed by him and I noticed he went to prison.

What happened with his exwife?

Why did he go to prison? (from this past week, on the 5 year recap)

I just have to know, I’m hooked!

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Answer by Culex
His ex-wife was killed by his mother.

He went to prison for running over Mike Delfino and causing him to go into a coma.

Order of the Underworld movies?

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Question by : Order of the Underworld movies?
Me and my brother are trying to watch the Underworld movies but can’t find which order they go in.
My google is currently working out some problems so no i can’t do that or i would have

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Answer by dobberx
You can’t find the order?

You haven’t even tried, right?

You have NO IDEA how to use google?

go to

search for

Underworld movies list


Whats the feeling?

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Question by americangurl_28: Whats the feeling?
The feeling you get when you see someone, your heart beats faster, you feel light, you get butterflies, your throat feels tight, but at the same time you feel excited.
Is this a love feeling? or Is this a lust feeling?
How would you stop it or control it?

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Answer by Adrian Wapkaplett
why would you want to stop it? Its fun!

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Velvet Revolver?

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Question by My Life For Metal: Velvet Revolver?
Ive read the recent interview in classic rock magazine with scott weilland and I thought he sounded a little bit like a jerk when he was talking about slash and duff, is this just me?

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Answer by beautifulirishgirl
I don’t suppose you have a link? I can’t seem to get the interview anywhere.

What was said?

lyrics to hurt…?

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Question by Hollywood.Bby<3: lyrics to hurt…?
Hurt- Christina Aguilara
i am having trouble finding the lyrics so for the first person to give me the full lyrics to the song will get the 10 points

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Answer by blackhairedbaby

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Question by Hedy V: It seems like so many movies and shows end with a Van Morrison song. Has anyone made a count?
You know it’s over when Van Morrison sings. I’ve told my family that when I die to make sure a Van Morrison song is the last song played at my wake, preferably, Into the Mystic.

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Answer by Sheila K
I’ve never really noticed that! However, I can think of one that I really love – at the end of the movie Nine Months, where Hugh Grant is trying to get the baby to sleep; he puts on These Are The Days (on vinyl!) and dances with the baby in the living room. It gets me every time.

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Question by polskajason: What is the name of this music production technique?
It sounds like a bunch of people singing in unison. I’ve heard it in at least 2 songs:
- opening credit song on Portlandia (the TV show)
- 10cc’s I’m Not in Love

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Answer by The angels have the phone box.
Don’t know about Portlandia, but “I’m Not in Love” uses a variation on Phil Spector’s ‘wall of sound’ technique from the 1960s. 10cc used vocal multitracking instead of orchestras.

From the current wiki article:
“The ethereal sound was created by laboriously building up multiple overdubs of the voices of Stewart, Graham Gouldman, Godley and Creme singing a single note in unison. This multi-track was then mixed down and dubbed down onto 16-track tape. This process was repeated across all sixteen tracks to create a lush 256-voice “virtual” choir that could “sing” chromatic chords.[1] A number of these prepared multi-tracks were then cut into several endless loops, each of which contained the basic notes of the main chords used in the song. The chorus loops could then be played by using the mixing desk rather like a keyboard — each chord could be sounded by bringing up the fader for that loop….

“In this pre-sampler period, the group was able to simulate a large polyphonic choir, creating a dramatic tonal effect similar to that produced by the well-known choir setting on the Mellotron, but with a far richer sound, and in full stereo.”

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Question by Sarah M: What is the name of the Radiohead song that Cartman sings on South Park?
On the episode, “Scott Tenerman Must Die”, Cartman sings a Radiohead song while in the bushes. What’s the name of the song he sings?

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Answer by Gary P

Question by mishaboo=): How much would a cover of Michael Jackson of Rolling stones from 1983 is worth?
I have a vintage Rolling stones magazine from 1983 with Michael Jackson on the cover and I want opinions on how much it should be worth before I post it on Ebay.

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Answer by Sierra
i would say about 200-250 dollars. I was on and the poster was around that much. Image how much a whole MAGAZINE is worth.